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NBA Junior Competition

On Friday 24th June both our Year 8 boys and girls were in the final 4 of the NBA junior competition. This is something that has never happened before! Our pupils had a fantastic day where they played two fixtures and a shootout contest. The Boys team , represented the Milwaukee Bucks, finished in 4th place which is quite an achievement.

The Girls team, represented the New York Knicks did even better, won their first game and came second, losing a very close game in the final! 

Boys team: Aweis, Mahmood, Nathan, Ali, Michael, Danyal, Lewis, Kobina, Yuvraj, Ameer, Faris

Girls team: Tia, Paige, Lienna, Edita, Marina, Loryn, Amy, Anaya, Marina, Daniela

Coaches: M.Henry, T.Georgitsis